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Benefits of Pursuing an LPN Career

Are you tired of your current profession where you just sit in your desk in an office and feel like your shuffling papers? Are you looking for an exciting job that offers a lot of benefits? Then, being a licensed practical nurse or lpn is the right job for you. A licensed practical nurse works under the supervision of a registered nurse and doctors. 

Their duty is to check vital signs of the patients like blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. They also do the monitoring and maintenance of the equipment in the ward. Aside from that, there are many benefits in this particular profession. First to mention is that you can be employed quickly if you consider this as a second career.

Classes in this field are flexible and you can attend evening classes instead of a full time school schedule, which will allow you to become trained, even if you currently work full time. After you complete your training you will have a variety of different places you can work such as, home care facilities, clinics, or medical offices.

The Newest X-Ray Technology Training Programs

A radiologic technologist or x ray technologist is a person trained in the "art and science" of creating images of the human body using ionizing radiation. The radiologic technologist works closely with the radiology doctor (radiologist) and other physicians, and plays a vital role as a professional member of the total medical team. Technologists often work in general surgical hospitals, general radiography, surgery, trauma, pediatrics, clinics, doctor's offices, CT, mammography, and imaging centers. 

This exciting and dynamic field is continually changing. The role of radiologic science in medicine is perpetually growing. New applications and imaging equipment are in a constant state of development. Imaging's continued growth and development is dependent on highly qualified and well-trained radiologic technologists. 

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